Tarot Card/Crystal Ball Reading

Divination tools are most helpful to a season psychic.  Tarot cards is 22 trump cards from the Egyptians, plus 52 deck of playing cards that were invented for fortunetelling in China.  The New Age deck is the best deck used with the Jacks being Princes are divided with additional 4 Princesses cards.

Crystal ball gazing is called ‘scrying’ and goes to pool reflections to see visions or gain mystic insight of the currency flow.  Many great psychics used scrying to make predictions that have cycled through our lifetime and future lives to come.

Telephone or instant message readings is to be able to have the psychic reader being the conduit for the client or others that have crossed by have messages that are meant for today or the future path we must walk in the physical world.

Tarot Card/Crystal Ball Reading

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