About Robin Zodiac

Robin Zodiac has always been intuitive, but after a near death experience she gained deep psychic connections to the other side.  Her heart Charka is open as her 3rd eye seeing the clients future determined on chain of events with timeline cycles predicted.

Robin will surprise her clients by knowing the reason for the call.  Robin has been a professional reader, since her early teen years.  Many people will call weekly for their follow-up or sometimes decades later to give feedback of her accurate prior premonitions becoming reality.

It seems Ms. Zodiac has a time machine working with her 3rd eye to be able to maintain long term relationships with clients for many years.  Robin becomes the longtime family friend with the heart as a mother wanting the best for her children.

Robin Zodiac is a trusted and honest reader in the psychic industry, even titled as ‘Famous Celebrity Psychic’ by institutions with other legendary psychic readers.  Robin Zodiac is an author of love and relationship books and complete seminar on diet, energy work and/or psychic business lessons.

Making money is a currency that Robin has tapped into for more than 3 decades and knows which service bureaus or websites that generate the biggest profits.  She gives helpful tips to make an income by answering the telephone using your own schedule and price rates that work best for the advisor.

There are two ways of teaching through a psychic reading experience or providing the psychic experience.  Get the expert, psychic professional nurture your career as a client or teacher to other clients.

What our happy patients say

Excited about my future while living in chaos.

Nothing less than perfect.  My reading blew me away.  Thank you!

Robin Zodiac taught me so much in the course and online classes that I’m excited to help others and make money enjoying the readings that are much clearer and accurate from the Psychique School. Thank you!

Debbie Graves