3rd Eye Reading

Clairvoyance is the best term to use as describing the 3rd eye.  This is the gland that relies messages to the psychic reader meant for the client when conducting a psychic reading.  Intuition does play the biggest part in listening to a logical thought.

Intuition is used in part with clairvoyants from a well-trained psychic reader.  It seems as movies, scenes, stories or music has the power when the 3rd eye is working for the client.  It is as if timing is everything as if the client was meant to call at that exact time for the visuals to be unleashed in the mind of the psychic reader.

The mind is a powerful tool that knows no timing, yet a gifted reader sees symbols or ages to be able to predict a chain of event that could happen if the client takes notes and lets things happenas the grass grows without any worry the sun will rise with its sunlight.

3rd Eye Reading

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